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W I N E  &  C O C K T A I L S




Jose Cuervo coupled with Cointreau, balanced fresh lemon juice and sugar syrup. Served with or without salt.



Absolut, Cointreau and lime juice shaken over ice with fresh cranberry juice.



The juice of a lime muddled with fine sugar and stirred vigorously with Cachaca, served frappe.


The Sour

A fine balance of sweet ’n’ sour and sugar syrup with egg white (optional with a spirit of your choice) best served with Jack Daniels or Dissarano.


White or Black Russian

Kahlua and Absolut shaken over ice; milk and cream to make it white.


Classic Champagne Cocktail

Brown sugar cube, Brandy or Cointreau topped with chilled champagne.


Agua de Valencia

Absolut, fresh orange juice and sugar syrup shaken with ice and coupled with champagne.


Mimosa, Bellini, Kir Royale

Orange, peach or cassis liqueur and champagne float.


Dry Martini

Extra dry Vermouth vigorously stirred or shaken,with a large measure of Bombay Sapphire. Aromatised with lemon peel.


Bloody Mary

Fresh tomato juice and Absolut complimented with Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and Tabasco. If to your liking, served with fresh celery.


New Yorker

Bourbon whiskey and lime juice, sugar, syrup with a splash of grenadine. Shaken well and served over ice.


Woo Woo

Absolut, peach schnapps and cranberry juice with a squeeze of lime. Garnished with orange peel.


French 75

Bombay Saphire, sugar syrup and lemon juice. Filled up with champagne and topped off with lemon peel.


£12 each